Android Mobile Mockup For Mobile App Presentations

Do you have a mobile app presentation on the way? Get ready with Android mobile mockup. It's easy to use and very professional to look at.

When making presentations, the content is the most important thing. However, the content will not be given justice if the actual presentation doesn’t look good.

This is why you should use the Android mobile mockup for your mobile app presentations.

As they say, presentation is everything. Although, when you really think about it, it’s not. But that is a common saying for a reason.

Your presentation could make or break a deal. How you present a simple idea could make a huge difference.

Here are reasons to use Android mobile mockup

Presentation is not just about the actual content. It’s also about persuasion. It’s no wonder the two words rhyme as well.

When you make a presentation, you aim to persuade them to buy your product or support it. It’s the same with mobile apps—either you want a company to back and develop the product, or you want to develop it for them.

So, when you do the presentation, you have to be smart about it. Being smart also means using a mockup like the Android mobile mockup.

1. Upgrade the product

Let’s say you have a mediocre mobile application, a digital mockup could easily upgrade it. By the way, this is just for demonstration purposes. Of course, you should never develop a mediocre product for sale.

The product you create should be good enough as it is. But with a digital mockup, it could enhance the positives of your mobile app.

When you use the mockup, you are not just giving clients an idea, you are actually showing them.

2. Realistic

Another thing that adds to the beauty of the presentation is that the Android mobile mockup features the Android devices. This would give clients a glimpse of what the actual product looks like.

Going by the idea of not just giving clients the concept but actually showing them, the mobile mockup actually provides realism to the presentation. You are actually showing the client the mobile app on an Android device.

This would make it easier for the clients to picture the future with the mobile application you designed.

3. Modern

This is also a modern way to showcase a mobile app. The Android mobile mockup is a very professional way to make a presentation.

Since you are using a device to showcase the product, it is modern, too. When you make a modern presentation, it also shows that you are forward-thinking. In a way, you are telling the client that you are moving with the times as you are updated with the latest trend.

The digital mockups are definitely today’s trend and it seems to have a long lifespan. It’s hard to make this outdated when it has so many uses. Not only that, there are so many varieties.

Speaking of varieties…

4. Flexible

Because Android is an operating system that covers many brands, the use of the Android mockup offers a lot of flexibility. Let’s see, some of the brands that use Android are the following:

  • Google
  • Huawei
  • HTC
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi

With this many brands, you can choose the Android phone that would fit your needs. There are dozens of Android phones covered by the Android mockup. This will allow you to choose the best one for your mobile application.

People might immediately think that Samsung should be the device of choice in a mockup considering that it’s the most popular in the group. However, there are different messages in presentations. Don’t limit yourself to notions of popularity.

Sometimes, the perfect tool for your kind of presentation is not necessarily the most popular route. You have to be smart about your choices.

5. Relatable

The iPhone is still the most popular mobile phone brand in the market. However, if you go by operating system, more people actually use Android devices compared to Apple products.

This means that when you make a presentation via an Android mockup, it is actually more relatable.

Of course you want the presentation to be relatable. The goal is always to have people in your corner. Being relatable is one way to do that.

6. Easy to use

The mockup is a ready-made template that you can use for your presentation. You will basically just insert your content to the template. The content will mostly be placed on the screen of the device.

Now, why is it important to use something easy?

Here’s the deal—in most cases, you would be advised to think about your presentation as much as you think about your content.

This means that you shouldn’t take the actual presentation for granted just because the content is very important.

There are cases when you really have to allot almost the same time in conceiving the idea and putting them on a presentation tool.

Well, the Android mockup will ease up on the effort part. You don’t have to do much since it’s pre-made.

Basically, you just need to spend a lot of time making a really strong presentation for your clientele.

7. Neat

Since it’s a template already, it’s already neat to look at. Since you only have to use the screen of the device, then there is less chance of you adding clutter to the presentation.

There is beauty in simplicity and you will be forced to offer simplicity here because of the construct. That’s the danger of having to make a presentation on a blank canvas.

Sometimes, people think they need a lot of elements to make a good presentation when neatness is already a great thing.

Presentation is everything

Let’s go back to how presentation is deemed to be everything. When you have a bad presentation, it’s going to be quite jarring.

Clients may not have the time to internalize the content of the presentation because they are focused on the bad presentation.

If they will be talking about how terrible the process was, then there is no chance of actually noting the content of the presentation. That’s just too bad because you spent a lot of time nurturing the concept.

When you have a great content packaged in an even better presentation, then you could almost smell the contract being sealed.

Be smart with your product design visual presentation because it could definitely make or break a deal. With all things being equal, the client will choose the better presentation. Packaging sells products, too. They are just as important as the product itself.