Android Photoshop Mockup: Showcase Vital App Components

What makes a great mobile application? There are actually a number of components to make one smashing mobile app. Showcase them on an Android Photoshop mockup.

What constitutes a great mobile application? There are many components, actually. So, if you have a mobile app idea that you want to be created, you need to have a really convincing presentation.

To help you out, you can use an Android Photoshop mockup in your presentation. As the name suggests, this mockup features an Android device on the template. The advantage of having an Android device is that it has a more mass orientation.

What that means is that there are actually more people using Android devices. This makes the presentation more relatable to a lot of people.

Apple products have the more sophisticated reputation, but there are so many more Android users out there. Although, you also have to consider that there are multiple brands that actually use the Android operating system.

Among the Android brands are Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Google Pixel, and Xiaomi, among others.

The fact that there are many Android brands makes the Android Photoshop mockup more relatable.

However, the more important thing is the content. What should you showcase in your mobile app presentation?

1. Solution

A mobile app is basically a solution to a problem. A mobile user downloads an app so that they will have a direct link to their needs. To be more specific about it, let’s take a look at five of the most downloaded mobile apps over the last few months:

  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • TikTok
  • Uber

Airbnb obviously solves a problem for travelers. When people travel, they spend a lot of money already in air fare or gasoline. There is also food to consider. Staying in hotels would be very costly.

With Airbnb, people have the opportunity to save their money for the more important aspects of traveling. You see, hotels are usually only for sleeping as traveling is really about sightseeing and experiencing local culture.

In other words, why should you spend a lot of money on something that you don’t spend a lot of time on?

That’s why Airbnb is very popular. It provides you a place to store your things without hurting your pockets.

When people travel a lot, having the Airbnb mobile app is going to be more convenient. This way, they don’t have to type the website and deal with various buttons they don’t really need.

That’s why the mobile app is important.

Show them how your mobile app will solve the problem via the Android Photoshop mockup. Bring up the page where the most important aspect of the app happens.

2. UI and UX designs

No one will want to download a mobile app that is not designed well. You have to know that there are so many other mobile apps out there.

There are currently close to three million mobile apps out there. There is always a chance that your mobile app is not one of a kind. If you don’t have a good design, then how will you attract users?

The thing about design in a mobile app is that it’s not always about the most attractive. User interface is about the neatness of the design. You don’t want clutter because it will only confuse people. It’s about simplicity but still with important components to attract attention.

The user experience, on the other hand, is more about navigation. How easy is it for people? Of course, it’s hard to demonstrate when the mobile app hasn’t been created yet. But you can still showcase the core features of the mobile app that show how great the UI and UX designs are.

3. Show real value

Let’s talk about Instagram now. The real value of Instagram is that it can be a person’s very own photo album. So, that should be highlighted during the presentation.

There should always be value in a mobile app. You don’t just create a mobile app for the money. It will turn out without a soul.

Remember the first important component of a good website is its ability to solve a problem. That is then the value of your digital product.

Show off the value of your mobile app and let people understand why they should really download your mobile app.

Who says no to a valuable app? Or a valuable anything, really.

4. Versatile

Yes, we are supposed to be using the Android Photoshop mockup here. But that doesn’t mean that your mobile app shouldn’t be developed for iOS.

Always make a versatile mobile app. This means that you should develop the mobile app to fit both the Android and iOS systems.

When you have a versatile app, you get more users. The fact that it would mean more money doesn’t hurt either.

There is a framework for cross-platform app development. This has to be optimized.

5. Offline function

Isn’t it just annoying when you can’t do anything with the app if there is no internet? Well, you should add an offline function to the mobile app.

It doesn’t have to be directly related to the actual function of the app, but there should be something one can do while offline.

Always strive hard to have a better mobile app and part of that is developing an offline function.

6. Great functionality

Yes, this is very important! However, it would be hard to show it off when you are still doing a presentation for the creation of a mobile app.

However, you can already showcase how to propose to make the mobile app function really great.

It’s also wonderful to have the Android mockup to showcase that because it provides realism. With the Android device on the template, it’s almost like you are already showing how the actual product will look after its creation.

That’s really the beauty of using such mockup. With the Android mockup, you can choose among the dozens of mobile phone designs as well as tablets.

The template would be an added appeal to the entire presentation. It’s a great balance between content and a presentation tool.

But it really works here because you want to showcase functionality when there is no proof of it yet.

7. Make it free

This is not always possible but there are other ways to make money from an app even if you allow people to download it for free.

Of course, it’s really up to the research if it’s possible at all. However, the five most-downloaded apps mentioned above can be downloaded for free. That’s something you should think about.