Black iPhone Mockup: Digital Products To Present

The black iPhone is sophisticated. That's why it's a great tool to showcase digital products. Here are the things you can showcase on a black iPhone mockup.

Who doesn’t love the black iPhone? It’s sophisticated and glamorous. It looks good no matter what you do with it. You can add an accessory to it and it won’t clash—no matter the design.

In the same way, when you use the black iPhone as a tool in presentations, your work will just come out as sophisticated and glamorous as the device. Not only that, since it is monotone, chances are you will be able to use this tool no matter the product.

Digital products on a Black iPhone Mockup

A product is essentially an item that you sell. Over the years, the product has been diversified. It now comes in different forms.

Let’s be more specific and talk about books. They used to be this product consisting of pages and packaged with a cover. However, Amazon started selling e-books and suddenly, there is a new way to devour books. Just like that, there is a product, the book, and the digital product, the e-book.

Of course, every product has to have packaging. The black iPhone mockup is a way to package the digital products.

Here are some of the digital products that you can put on the mockup:


Let’s start with this since we already mentioned it earlier. When you market an ebook, it’s not really just about the product per se. There is marketing on the actual story and the author. There are other components to it.

The iPhone mockup is the perfect tool to showcase an e-book. You might think that it’s too small but the phone is the most mobile device. Using it means that you can do anything at any time and anywhere. In the case of the e-book, it basically shows that a reader can read their book anywhere they want.

This is basically why digital products are becoming so much more popular because you can take them without the weight.

However, you can also showcase the e-book on an iPad mockup. Apple’s tablet is probably the best showcase of the e-book because the page size is similar to a real book.

That’s the great thing about the digital mockup. It has many variations and you could choose the one that would best fit your digital product.

However, the Mac or MacBook mockups may not be the best showcase for the e-book. While you can read an e-book clearly on the larger screens, it defeats the purpose of mobility. You are better off reading the hard copy since you can still take it anywhere with you. It’s just heavier than the mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile app

This is another digital product that should be showcased on a black iPhone mockup. The iPhone is the best mobile device out there. You can leave the house without your smart watch or tablet, but you can’t do so without a phone.

That’s why, when it comes to mobile apps, the iPhone is just the best tool to market it.

Of course, there is so much more to a mobile app than just the packaging. You have to showcase great design—that would include the UI design and UX design. The former refers to how the layout of the main page is structured.

Mobile app is an important digital product among companies. Presentation is definitely going to be crucial. The most important parts of the mobile app should be highlighted.

The mobile app is the marketing star. So, it helps that that black iPhone mockup is just simple. It doesn’t steal the spotlight from the product and it shouldn’t.


Now, this is something truly important to small businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic was a real teachable moment in terms of business.

Small businesses were among the hardest hit by the pandemic. It showed entrepreneurs how important having a website and a web or mobile app truly is. Businesses know that a website is important. However, small businesses, especially those that don’t really have foresight, are satisfied with just being a community store. They depend on the people in the community to keep the business afloat.

However, when the pandemic hit, most of these businesses were not ready to serve the community because they don’t have the system in place. Some of them may have the website, but it wasn’t functional enough to allow customers to actually order from the store.

E-commerce sites are an important digital product for businesses. The iPhone mockup, again, is a great tool to showcase the site.

Here’s another great way to showcase the product through the iPhone mockup: Using people. What does this mean?

Some mockups feature the iPhone on a person’s hand. This type of mockup tells a story. It’s really good for professional presentations.

The story that you can showcase is how a person is using the product for their advantage. The surroundings would focus on the importance of the product.

Let’s get to more specific. Perhaps you can show a person staying at home, holding their phone and ordering from the site. It’s a great story that showcases the current situation of the world. There is this person who is working from home and they want to order something from a business. So, they use the e-commerce site to order.

That’s exactly what an e-commerce site is about. It allows people to order wherever they are from. It’s so convenient. That’s why, showcase that convenience and sell the product.

Social media management

This is not a product per se, but a service. This is also an important service for businesses. A social media management is a type of service where a person or company will handle the social media activities of the company. This is a great way to market the company’s products and services.

The iPhone mockup is going to be an amazing packaging for your social media management campaign. One of the reasons people are constantly on their phones is because of social media.

The black iPhone is also a very professional packaging for your marketing campaign. Of course, the actual campaign should be really good in order to attract the attention of potential clients.


The black iPhone mockup is actually very versatile. You can use it to promote various digital products. It’s also very neat. Most important of all, it’s very easy to use. You can just copy-paste your presentation into the ready-made template.

The end product is just going to be amazing.