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Free iMac Mockup [PSD, Sketch]

iMac mockup in PSD and Sketch. Mac desktop computer mockups designed for presentations of websites and Mac apps.

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Choose the best iMac mockups in PSD and Sketch to present websites, apps, and create winning pitch decks.

Apple iMacs are truly best desktop personal computers in the industry. With each new generation they are getting more and more capable for regular mac users and professionals. Apple introduced iMac Pro with impressive performance to cover the most sophisticated users who wants to get the most out of their desktop computer.

Inspired by the great industrial design of the device, our team created iMac mockups to let designers and marketers use them in their presentational materials. These mockups are vector images in PSD and Sketch format that have a layer above the screen that allows to upload any image on it. Usually, these images are marketing websites, apps or other digital entities that we can see on the screen of the Mac while using it. For example, when you designed a Mac app and you want to create a marketing website or App Store screenshots for it, you can use show the app in these mockups to help your tell the story of the app and help the potential customers envision how the app will look on their screen. Or, if you are a web designer, these mockups can help you present a website design process or your great pitch to a potential customer. Our team 3d modeled, then re-created in scalable vector shapes these mockups and we are happy to present them below:

iMac Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

iMac Pro Mockup

Material: Realistic
Format: PSD + Sketch

How iMac mockup will enrich website design

Designing a website seems like a daunting job — for the outsiders. For website designers, it is easy peasy — it is their job after all. What is not usually their job is to package their product. But if you are a freelance website designer, then you have to put a ribbon on your output or it could be the reason you will not be getting the commission work.

The good thing, though, is that we are living in the modern digital age. Packaging is found on the internet in bundles. If you put a lot of your effort in the design job, you don’t have to put too much energy into the packaging because it is right there on the internet.

The iMac mockup is definitely a great way to present your web designs. It is also logical because most websites are opened on the iMac. Well, in this digital world, websites can be accessed on whatever device but the iMac is just the best technology for it because of its wide screen and high resolution brought on by the Retina display.

But while there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of PSD file mockups on the internet, you have to be smart about the mockup template you choose. There are appropriate mockups for specific web designs. You can’t be random about it or your message will not be conveyed properly. A great website design may attract clients, but an iMac mockup could seal the deal.

Here are some of examples of iMac mockups that work well with specific web designs:

iMac mockup with Bose speakers

The iMac screen is prominent in this mockup, which is perfect if you are designing a website that is all about videos. Maybe the company is selling movies or creates videos and you want to get the commission for the web page. Then download this template in mockup PSD. First off, the Apple iMac is the best device to watch a movie on or make movies at. So it is the most logical thing to use this kind of mockup for a product about videos.

We mentioned about sending a message across — that is the purpose of the Bose speaker in this mockup. The mockup is a still, it doesn’t move. So you have to add something that will tell you more about the digital product. The speaker is indicative of audio, hence, movies or videos.

iMac Pro mockup

The iMac Pro is definitely the technology of the professionals — and by professionals, it should be emphasized that this has something to do with being more tech savvy than regular individuals. There are so many professionals in the world, but the iMac Pro so much power perfect for those working on more advanced tech products.

So if you are designing a website that is supposed to attract the more tech-savvy professionals, then a clean iMac Pro mockup can do the work. This means showing off the product more than anything else. The background is just dark and the iMac invades most of the space of the mockup. This is definitely a more product-based demonstration rather than selling a concept.

There is also an animated iMac Pro mockup that could convey the concept of workability or efficiency. You definitely have to work with Smart Objects on this one in order to preserve an image’s source content. It is just so much easier to edit that way. You will not have any problem with pixels and disruptions when working with smart layers.

Photorealistic iMac

This works well live photography. If you are designing a website for someone who owns a photography studio or a wildlife photographer, then this kind of mockup will really help you with the deal. This kind of mockup shows the screen in the most realistic way — as if it isn’t obvious from its name. Definitely use photorealistic mockups to showcase how much the photographs come alive with your website design.

There are also various templates for photorealistic mockups. There is one that is taken from the top of the iMac screen. This shows off gradient or texture. Since the goal is to show how realistic the photo is, then it is not necessary to showcase what the photo is actually about but the balance. Coffee mug, keyboard, mouse, notes can help create a concept of editing.

Another photorealistic iMac concept shows a clean desk save for the iMac and its accompanying accessories — keyboard and mouse. An iPhone is also nearby. The room is mostly dark. Again, this makes perfect sense when you want to showcase a photography website because a darkened room is a great way to check our photographs. The nearby iPhone also tells the story of photos taken on the phone and reflected on the iMac. This also conveys how Apple is really the best technological brand out there because of how seamlessly Apple products work together.

Workspace mockup (home)

This is probably one of the most popular mockups out there. It also makes sense because people work on their iMacs. The desktop is the best device to do your work on. The only problem with it is that you cannot take it anywhere with you. If you are designing a website that will cater to people who work from home, then choose a mockup that will indicate home space. One word: curtains. Yes, mockups that show curtains as backdrop of the iMac usually say home. You don’t really see curtains in corporate offices.

Workspace mockup (office)

So how do you showcase the opposite of a home office? Corporate desk. But there are so many desks out there and some are just as suitable for home use. So you make it up with the accessories in the mockup such as notepads, pad papers, pens, sticky notes and even a coffee mug. In some cases, you can use two iMac screens — most posh offices have that for their employees. Use this setup if your website design caters to the corporate world.

We hope these mockups can help you win new business and keep your clients happy with great design that you will present using them.