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Free iPad Mockup [PSD, Sketch]

Some of our iPad mockups that are helpful for a number of marketing needs like AppStore Screenshots, Websites and Ads.

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Selection of iPad mockups designed in Photoshop and Sketch to showcase websites, applications, and other digital products.

iPad slowly takes over desktop computers, and lots of apps are getting a better user experience for the form factor of the tablet. It makes a significant demand for marketing materials like device mockups. During the last few years, we designed a few mockups to help designers prepare their pitch decks, App Store screens, and some other marketing materials. Here are some of them:

iPad Mockup

Material: Clay Format: PSD + Sketch

iPad Mockup for Sketch App

Material: Clay
Format: Sketch

Clay iPad Pro Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

Realistic iPad Pro Mockup

Material: Realistic
Format: PSD

How to open and use PSD and Sketch files of the mockups?

You need to have Photoshop or Sketch app installed on your computer. Then you can open *.PSD in Photoshop and *.Sketch in SketchApp. When you open the file, please find layers section and find smart object. And then replace the image with your image file.

What's the best way to use the mockups?

The most common way to use the devices is on App Store screenshots, app websites, Facebook app install campaigns and other marketing needs. Here is a quick example of how 1Password uses these mockups:

1Password App Store screenshots

Here is another example of an app called Over:

Over App Store screenshots

As you can see, the mockups support the narrative, allow to tell the stories and make the screens stand out on the marketplace. They help to make a good first impression and as a result increase app installs.

Thoughts on using iPad Mockups

The mockup is the best way to showcase a digital product — whether you are selling a website design, mobile application or any of the other products like e-books or movies or music. The mockup helps enrich the product, but you have to find the best one in order to really show off the best qualities of the output.

Good thing the internet is such a great source of free mockups. There are mockups there that will surely fit the digital product you are trying to showcase. The iPad Mockup is great for demonstrating mobile applications and products like e-books, videos, images, photographs, arts, courses, among others.

Here are some specific iPad mockup designs that will go with specific products:

1. iPad mockup for romantic e-books

Say you are selling a romantic e-book, set it up with a free iPad mockup that showcases romance. One such mockup shows the iPad on a mattress with a bunch of pink roses and a candle. Flowers and candles are always reflective of romance. Just near the iPad are a pair of headphones for when the consumer wants to just listen to the audio of the e-book.

The reason for the accessories in the digital product is to help indicate what the product is about. It also sets up the mood and the setting. The use of the iPad here is important because most e-books are read in smaller screens, hence, the iPad. You could also use the iPad Air or iPad Mini.

2. iPad Pro PSD mockup for software

Software is something that is hard to demonstrate with just a mockup. The iPad Pro PSD mockup will help indicate what the product is about. This is particularly important because the iPad Pro is usually the device for professionals who do more technical stuff on the device.

Software producers are in luck, too, because Adobe’s Photoshop is finally available on the iPad. This just means that you can already do professional work on the iPad, which was not available before. It will be so much easier to work on technical stuff with such a convenient device like the iPad — preferably the iPad Pro. This makes the mockup just more believable.

3. iPad and iPhones mockup for mobile applications

Mobile applications are generally used on smaller gadgets like the iPad or iPhone, which is why the iPad and iPhones mockup is the best way to showcase your mobile app design. You can work on a vector mockup to make it easier for you to put your mobile app design on the iPad and iPhone screens. Showcase your app through the best gadgets to use those apps.

This is a great way to show off versatility of your mobile design — whether it will look as good in a larger screen like the iPad or a smaller screen like the iPhone. There are so many different free PSD mockup variations of this type of comparative device mockup.

There is one nice mockup called the Autumn iPad and iPhone mockup, which is great for seasonal products. Say your product is a mobile game, and you have a promo for the autumn season. This kind of mockup will help you promote the seasonal gimmick.

4. Devices mockups for websites

This is the trickiest time to create or design a website because there are so many devices from which the website will be accessed. There was a time when websites are just opened on desktops so you would have been able to just make do with an iMac mockup. But this is a different generation and in this modern age, people check websites on their phones all the time. So this is the reason for the devices mockup; it will help you showcase the versatility of your design.

There are so many variations of the mockup templates for the devices mockup. But the goal remains the same. It allows you to demonstrate how your website design will look when it is opened on an iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Some mockups also include the Apple Watch in the template. When you download the PSD file, you can just drag and drop your web page design on the screens of the devices.

5. iPad Air with iPen mockup for designers

If your product has something to do with design — like a special tool for software for designers, then this is the appropriate mockup for you. The iPad Airs are really ideal for designers because it is light, convenient and can be carried around easily. Designers from generations ago don’t have a choice but to carry around a sketch pad and pencil so that they can sketch wherever and whenever. This is important because inspiration can hit you at any time. You want to be able to immediately sketch your inspiration if you have to. In this modern digital age, designers have the opportunity to just carry around their iPads and iPens. This way, they can sketch or create a design whenever they want and wherever they are.

6. Perspective mockup for digital art

Digital art is a photo-based product. The iPad is of course the best tool to showcase art because of its high resolution. The perspective mockup will be great for you to demonstrate how the digital product will look on a particular device. One perspective may show the vertical rendering of the product, while another will have a horizontal one.

In other perspectives, it could be that only part of the product will be shown. There are so many different perspectives to consider and it is up to you on how wisely you can produce a mockup that will package the product the best way that you can.

An iPad mockup or any mockup for that matter is like a packaging for your product. In any case, it could be the icing. Of course, the most important part is still your product — whether it is a website design, mobile application and any of the various digital products around. The product is your cake, but the mockup, which is the packaging or the icing, will make your product look better.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you will find these device mockups useful for your next project.