Selection of Macbook mockups in Photoshop PSD and Sketch format for presentations and websites and more.

When we surf the internet, we visit websites designed by other people, and they are designers, entrepreneurs, marketers. During the design process, they sometimes need to present their ideas to the decision-makers. Using device mockups can help to simplify the story and help to make a better impression of the design. So when you design a website, Macbook mockup could be a helpful design resource for showing your web pages or using it as an element of a hero section of the website that promotes a desktop app or a web service. That's why we designed these mockups, and we hope they will simplify your workflow.

Macbook Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

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Here is a quick example of use our mockups:

Macbook mockup in hero section of marketing website
MacBook mockup in hero section of marketing website

We hope you will find these mockups useful for your next project as well.