Highlight Branding Principles Via iMac Mockup Vector

There are five branding principles every business must adhere to. When you're making a case with your client, make sure you present it via iMac mockup Vector.

A business isn’t just that. It’s a brand. There is so much more to it than just a mere company. It has an identity and it possesses a personality.

At least, that’s what every business should aspire for. Every company should create a brand, not just a business that aims to make money.

When you are trying to make a branding presentation to a business, the presentation tool you choose is important. One really great digital device is the iMac mockup Vector.

Reasons to choose the iMac mockup Vector

There are so many benefits to using the iMac mockup Vector in branding presentations. One important reason is that this is a very modern way to make a presentation.

It showcases the iMac and it’s on the screen of the iMac where you input your presentation. In other words, it’s like looking at the real thing. Your client can actually see what your branding activities will look like when implemented digitally.

It’s very realistic. That’s always a good thing because you are giving the client a glimpse of the future.

More importantly, it’s really easy to use. The mockup is premade. Basically, you just need to input your presentation onto the screen of the device.

The advantage of this is that you will have a lot of time focusing on the content of the presentation. Even if you have to create the actual presentation an hour before deadline, it’s fine. Using the iMac mockup is a matter of copy-pasting your output.

You have no excuse not to have a good presentation then because this won’t take time at all. Conceptualizing the presentation, on the other hand, should take more time.

Here are the branding principles that you should highlight:

1. Standing out

This is quite understandable. When you are conceptualizing the brand, you have to understand the fundamentals that will make a company stand out. There are three basic company identities that would allow it to standout:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Color scheme

Sometimes, the company already has a name in mind. It’s something personal after all. In most cases, the company wants to carry a name or maybe a name that the owners have an emotional attachment to.

This is probably one part where you can step aside and allow the entrepreneur to have their way. However, you can provide suggestions to make the name more catchy. The suggested name from the owner might be too long. This is the time you can intervene and make a suggestion to cut the name and make it easier to remember.

When it comes to logos, time and time again it has been proven that simplicity works. Some of the most popular logos in the world are very simple: Nike, McDonald’s, and Mercedes, among others. There are so many more examples but you get it.

There is really no need to complicate your brand logo. Simplicity works and it would be easier to reproduce, too.

A simple logo will also fit in every product. You never know when you need to put the logo on some pencils, which have really narrow space.

Then there is the color scheme. Find colors that would be perfect for the brand. If the brand is fun and youthful, don’t use black or gray or brown. If the brand is quite serious, then don’t use pastel.

A large part of branding really hinges on research. You should be able to probe what works for the brand and what doesn’t.

2. Have a personality

Every brand has an identity. It also has a corresponding personality.

To be more specific about it, Nike’s personality is athletic. Mercedes provides luxury. McDonald’s, on the other hand, makes people happy.

Create a personality for the company. Make sure that the personality is consistent with what the brand is about.

You need to highlight the personality of the brand and why that kind of personality is great for the consumers.

That personality should also be consistent with the personalities of the brand’s target market. This is essential because you want the brand to be relatable.

3. Touch the emotions

Have you seen commercials from Nike and McDonald’s? They are so consistent with the brand.

Nike, for example, highlights perseverance among athletes. Yes, the company taps huge personalities like Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronald as their models and spokespersons. However, Nike commercials don’t just show these personalities wearing brand gear.

Nike commercials are always inspirational. They utilize their sponsored athletes not as mere models but as ambassadors as well. They provide inspirational insights on what it takes to become champions and how others can reach their dreams, too.

When you touch the emotion of people, the brand becomes endearing to them. Just know that touching the emotion isn’t just one tone. Being emotional isn’t just about crying over something because it was too touching. It’s also about happiness.

4. Provide great product

A great brand needs to focus on providing the best product or service. No matter how beautiful the logo is and how attractive the packaging of the product is, if it’s not of high-quality the company will not last long.

Of course, this is more the line of the company rather than the branding firm. However, it would also be your duty to constantly remind the company to deliver the brand they promised.

When it comes to branding, there are promises made. These have to be fulfilled or the company will lose their customers one by one.

5. Get in touch with customers

Every company has customer service. You should be able to create a set of guidelines on how to deal with customers. This is necessary because you want customer service to reflect the kind of brand the company is projecting.

Customer service needs to be diplomatic. It also needs to internalize the brand and how it deals with all things.

Then, there is also social media. If people are on social media trying to engage with the brand, you should try to reply. This would make the customer feel like they have a relationship with the brand. That’s exactly what you want.

You should be able to put a talking point of sorts for the social media manager of the company. There should be a proper way to communicate with customers.

Also, links are crucial, too, and should be included in replies. This would definitely increase traffic to the website.