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How to use MacBook mockups in marketing materials

MacBook mockup is an integral part of the beloved presentation trio. Even though we are living in the era of pocket devices, it still brings benefits when used as a part of visual materials in marketing websites.

When it comes to marketing websites whose products are Apple-oriented, MacBook mockup always comes of great assistance. It was and still is an integral part of the beloved trio, which comprises the iPad and iPhone. There were times when almost every presentation of the iOS application relied solely on this gang. With MacBook mockups taking the lead and drawing the overall attention thanks to the big size and powerful charisma, this group met the potential clients with a powerful opening.

However, things have changed. There is no point in denying the fact that pocket devices such as smartwatches, cellphones, and tablets are running the show these days. They can be seen here, there and everywhere.

Nevertheless, even though notebooks are no longer a center of attention, they are still a big part of everyday life. Like it or not, they are still a number one when it comes to professional programs since not everything can be done on the spot on the way home. Therefore, if you create a serious product and focus on a long and productive collaboration, chances are you will need a MacBook mockup to produce the proper impression. Let us consider some excellent examples where MacBook mockups are used to create fantastic marketing websites.

Outstanding examples of MacBook mockup usage in marketing materials

1. iTunes

We could not help but start our collection with an example provided by Apple. All in all, it stands behind all this fuss showing on practice how to use MacBook mockup in marketing material and produce quite an impression.

The landing page dedicated to iTunes embraces the minimalistic style quite effectively, though this does come as no surprise since Apple is famous for this stuff. There are just two sections where all the necessary information is compactly arranged. Nevertheless, the team was managed to work into layout a big MacBook mockup and not ruin everything. Here, it is the only visual. And predictably, it occupies the lion share of the screen. As a result, it naturally grabs and directs the entire attention towards the user interface of the client app for the store.

The key takeaway

Sometimes all you need to win over the audience is to be concise, get straight to the point, and use just one stock to support the message. Even one screen can do the job: everything depends on the balance between the visual and textual parts and, of course, the allure of the image. Therefore, use a big version of MacBook since it will demonstrate the interface in all its glory letting the visitors enjoy the design of an application. Surround it with a generous amount of whitespace to hit the harmony.


Use the dark templates available in MacBook Mockups Clay package with a frontal view to imitate iTunes landing page style.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Another example in our collection and another big name. This goliath of the industry is famous for its high-quality products and professional presentations. Therefore, it is here where you can draw inspiration and see for yourself how it should be done on the professional level.

Unlike the previous example, the marketing team has opted in favor of the traditional yet time-tested and still appealing trio of MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. As we have mentioned earlier, this gang was quite popular in the past, and even though it did lose its powerful charm, it still has aces in the hole.

One of them is that they show a product on various devices, proving the universality of the application. For many people, it is increasingly vital to have an ability to deal with the program not only on pocket devices but also on the stationary ones. With MacBook mockups, you will prove potential clients that they will get a consistent experience across gadgets with different screen sizes.

The key takeaway

If you are up to proving your audience that your product is made with the “one size fits all” ideology in mind, then combine the MacBook template with renderings of other gadgets. Show a graceful change of the interface and consistency in user experience to save your readers from the guesswork.


To create a perfectly coordinated composition take MacBook from this outstanding package, iPad from iPad Pro pack, and the latest model in iPhone line from iPhone 11 Pro Mockups.

3. Pixelmator for iOS

Much like Adobe, the team behind Pixelmator’s marketing website has gone for the same approach. Here you can enjoy the popular Apple devices. However, while in the previous example, the trio accompanies the content, here it takes up the dominant position. It feels like the content supports the image, not the other way around.

What’s more, the iPhone and iPad are set on the fore to appeal to the modern demands of the crowd. Though, thanks to the MacBook mockup, the scene feels complete.

The key takeaway

Use MacBook mockup on the back, placing the iPhone and iPad on the fore. This way, you will be able to meet the current preferences and at the same time hint about the diversity and universality of the product.

4. Canva

If the trio is not your thing, then Canva’s marketing website is a perfect example of how to derive benefits from the duet of popular Apple devices. Here you can see MacBook mockup used in tandem with iPhone rendering.

From the biggest to the smallest, the composition unobtrusively indicates the diversity of the product. Moreover, it skillfully supports the tagline.

Note two things. First, this scene is located right in the hero area contributing to the first impression. Secondly, each gadget has a beautiful clay style that makes everything look subtle, refined, and modern.

The key takeaway

Do not restrict yourself to the clichés. Combine MacBook mockups with other renderings to create a sweet pair of devices. Place them on the hero area to produce a powerful first impression.


To imitate this elegance in your presentation, peek inside MacBook Mockups Clay pack. It offers outstanding renderings with a subtle look.


MacBook mockups represent the whole era that some may think has ended. In fact, it is just one of those periods when its popularity has slightly faded away. To avoid looking outdated, choose modern styles like Clay. Mix and match different devices to show the potential hidden inside your product as well as prove the audience that they will have a consistent experience whatever gadget they choose.