iPad Pro Mockup: Showing The 4Ps of Marketing Right

Product, price, place, and promotion--these are the four Ps in marketing. If you have a marketing proposal, showcase it through the iPad Pro mockup.

The iPad Pro mockup is the perfect tool to showcase a marketing proposal. If you want people to get into your proposal, it has to be the right content and it should be packaged with the right presentation tool.

People always focus on the content. To be fair, it’s extremely important. Marketing principles should be highlighted during the presentation.

However, a good presentation is not complete without a good tool. It could be jarring if you just make a presentation using a poster paper with handwritten words on it. Props if the handwriting is really nice.

This is why PowerPoint presentations are very popular. It’s a very neat way to make a presentation. Over the years, more presentation tools have cropped up. The iPad Pro mockup is the most modern way to showcase your ideas. Let’s take a deeper look on why this is a great tool.

Showcasing the 4Ps on the iPad Pro mockup

Basically, a mockup is a ready-made presentation tool. There are different kinds of mockup. When you say iPad Pro mockup, this means that your presentation is encased on an iPad.

It’s great because you are not just sharing an idea, you are actually showing them the idea.

Look at it this way, the mockup can be your entire presentation tool. But it can also be used to complement your presentation elements.

If you are comfortable using the PowerPoint, then by all means, do that! But showcase realism by using the mockup. It can only enhance your proposal.

What are the 4Ps in marketing and how do you showcase them?


Make sure that the product is highlighted in the best way possible. Now, if you are talking about a tangible product, then you can still use the mockup. It would be great to show how the product will look on an iPad. You can even zoom in to specific details that you think should be focused on.

However, the mockup is really best for digital products. This is when realism comes into play.

When you have this type of mockup, you are showing your clients how the actual digital product will look when actually being marketed.

Let’s be more specific. Let’s say you are trying to promote an ebook. The iPad Pro is actually the perfect device for that. You see, the iPad Pro is around the same size as a hardbound book. So, it’s the perfect tool to show off an ebook.

In fact, even if you are marketing the hard copy of the book, the iPad Pro mockup is still actually the right tool because it’s the same size.

In this case, the highlights should be the cover page. You want the page to be attractive so as to garner attention even when it’s just a thumbnail. You have to remember that this page will have to compete with tens of thousands of other e-books.

While you want the cover page to be attractive, you also need the title to be large enough for people to be able to read it.

That is not the only draw, too. There is also the summary to think about. You want a catchy or grabby summary. But keep it short. People who are just browsing don’t have the energy to read a lengthy description of the book.

You want to be able to make people want to buy the book even in just three sentences. This is particularly necessary if the author of the book is still unknown. For established authors, it’s almost likely that people are going to read the entire summary even if it’s on the long side. Newbies don’t exactly have that luxury.

Speaking of authors, another page that you should highlight in the presentation is the About the Author section. Keep it simple and allow the achievements of the author to be featured. If the story isn’t too serious, keep this page light and fun.


This is actually an interesting part. The price part of the presentation isn’t just about the actual cost. There is also a “why” involved.

Why is it the price?

That has to be answered during your presentation. You have to take into account all the things that you need to: labor, printing cost, and even marketing cost.

How do you showcase price on an iPad Pro via a mockup? That’s quite easy. You can showcase the back page because it usually has the price printed on it. For the digital product, you can easily just showcase how the book will look on the e-commerce site. There is always a price attached to books on e-commerce sites.

Also, the book should look like its price. If possible, it should even be more expensive than its price. Make people think that it’s very affordable because the content is actually amazing.


In the digital world, the place is wherever you want it to be. But for hard copies, there are distinct places for it. The good thing is that when it comes to books, you can take it anywhere with you.

The same could be said for digital products. It would be interesting for you to browse the many iPad Pro mockups available because there are so many that would tell a story of how you can take your ebook anywhere.

There are a lot of mockups that will show the iPad Pro in a real-world setting. For example, a woman may be holding an iPad Pro in a bus, indicating that she was reading in a bus using the tablet. When you look closely, you will see that the screen of the iPad actually has a page of the book opened.


Lastly, you will then present how best you will promote the product. You can put on the mockup some of the pages of your proposed social media campaign.

So, you will showcase Facebook or Instagram posts that would drum up support for the book. You should also schedule the author in various interviews and then you could tease the public about that on social media.

There are so many ways to use social media in promoting a product. This is actually quite fun to do. Showing them on the mockup is also very easy.

That’s the great thing about the mockup. You can concentrate on your content because the presentation tool is readily available. You can choose the one you want and basically just customize it to fit your presentation.