MacBook Sketch Mockup: Social Media Management Guide

Social media management is one of the most important services today for businesses. Make sure to use MacBook Sketch mockup in your presentation.

Social media management is one of the most important services that you could offer companies, especially smaller ones that don’t have their own communications manager.

When it comes to business, social media takes on a different role. It takes on more creativity and should be ingrained with marketing principles.

Many businesses want to spend less and earn more. That’s just a basic tenet of business. Social media management is something that doesn’t sound important because it seems like something any person could do.

So, businesses would just handle their own social media.

It is your duty to show companies that you are a necessary commodity, and that your social media management is not something that can be copied by just anybody.

What you need to do is showcase your expertise on a MacBook Sketch mockup.

What’s the purpose of the MacBook Sketch mockup?

A MacBook Sketch mockup is a pre-made presentation tool that showcases Apple’s laptop device. It is also in Sketch.

The purpose of this is so that you have a clean tool to showcase your presentation.

To be more specific about it, one of the most famous presentation tools is the PowerPoint. However, in this case, you want a more sophisticated packaging, which is why you should choose the MacBook mockup.

Also, having a sophisticated-looking presentation is just icing on the cake. You really want to use the MacBook mockup because it’s realistic.

Basically, your presentation will show what your proposed social media management will look like when it’s done. That’s why you have the MacBook to show how the actual layout will look like on a laptop.

In essence, you can use this tool in tandem with your PowerPoint. Or you can be consistent and use the MacBook mockup all throughout.

Let’s get on to business.

Importance of social media in business

Yes, social media is something anybody with basic computer knowledge can do. In your presentation, you have to highlight your creativity and wit. This way, the client will see how difficult it is to actually do what you do.

Creativity and wit may just be the easy description of the management outputs, but there is actually strategy involved in the process. This strategy will be the highlight of your demonstration.

Anybody can create social media accounts and they can do what they will with their accounts, according to the rules of course. However, not all posts are creative and engaging. More importantly, only a few posts actually go viral.

A well-planned social media plan provides creative posts, engaging mechanisms, and has the capability to make posts go viral.

That is why social media management has become an important tool in business.

According to a report, 97% of marketers use social media. That’s actually quite a surprising number considering the times. In this modern generation, all marketers should already be using social media.

Close to 80% of businesses with social media outsell their counterparts that don’t have social media.

The COVID-19 pandemic just highlighted how important it is to have online engagement with customers.

At the height of the pandemic, businesses were shut down. Of course, those that have delivery services were able to function even when their shops were closed.

Social media is the platform that gets the word out.

Brand awareness

The great thing about having a social media manager is that the business can concentrate on running the company.

If the business owner is in charge of social media, chances are the posts would be basic: buy our products and services!

That’s not the case with social media management. This involves research and through that research, the manager will know what the company’s target market is into.

The research will be the basis for the posts. The goal is to make the target market engage with the post. The target clientele should be liking the post and maybe even comment on it. This way, every post from the account will more likely appear in the target customer’s timeline.

Getting their attention is paramount because how else will they buy the product or pay for the service if they don’t know anything about the brand.

Social media is an important platform for brand awareness.

Every business should have a Facebook page. Facebook is still the most popular across all social media platforms.

It may be a controversial platform but a large part of the population is still there. The business should have a presence where there are a lot of people that will notice it.

Social media is also important for increasing traffic to your website. Once you catch the attention of the target clientele, there is a higher chance that they would get to know the brand better.

Your posts should have links to the website. This will have a great effect on the site’s traffic. As long as the website is also made well, there is a higher chance that people will be buying the product.

Of course, the most important use of social media is the promotion of the brand. But promotional posts come in different forms.

You can’t just consistently post stuff like: Buy our products! It’s quite annoying when you keep trying to tell or ask people to buy your brand.

Sometimes, merely posting something educational and informative will already help promote the brand.


Just because Facebook is the most popular social media platform doesn’t mean you should just concentrate on that.

It’s also your job to showcase your versatility as a social media manager. Another important platform for businesses is LinkedIn. It is a highly professional platform to meet other professionals.

This is a good platform to be when you want to tie up with other businesses. There are times when you have to work with others in order to promote each other’s brands.

One example of this is Lewis Hamilton, this generation’s best F1 racer, and Tommy Hilfiger, a fashion brand. These are two different entities that worked together to form one brand.

This way, Tommy Hilfiger will be promoted among the racing fanatics. On the other hand, Hamilton and F1, as a sport, will be introduced to the fashion world.

LinkedIn is a great platform to see business competitors and businesses from other fields.

As a social media manager, you can showcase your versatility by having a more professional tone when presenting LinkedIn posts compared to the more relaxed manner of Facebook.

You can also include Instagram and Twitter in the presentation.