Social Media Management Via Android Device Mockup

Social media management is one of the most important services in today's business. So, how do you showcase this service? Try using the Android device mockup.

What is the most important service in businesses today?

There are actually a lot of important services and most of them are related to the internet. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic showed us a world where we can’t go outside the house.

So, what do we do for food and other essentials? We order online! People who were afraid of technology suddenly learned how to maneuver the computer. It’s just necessary.

While the future seems bright with the vaccines being rolled out and all, there is already a change in the buying habits of people.

That’s why social media management just became more important than ever.

Social media on Android device mockup

Social media has always been important for business. In fact, a lot of businesses already have social media pages even if they don’t hire a social media manager.

But in your presentation, you need to highlight the importance of why they need a social media management service through Android device mockup.

Hiring a social media management team is necessary because they are experts on how to optimize the platforms.

Yes, social media is free. Therefore, businesses don’t really need to hire someone just to open a Facebook or Instagram account.

However, do all entrepreneurs know strategies to use these social media platforms to their advantage?

That’s what you are going to show in your presentation. You need to demonstrate the strategy needed to make social media work for the business.

You also need to imply to the entrepreneur that by hiring your services, they will be able to focus on operating the business.

More importantly, you have to indicate that paying you to do all social media activities is going to be worth it.

Here are some important social media management tips:

1. Be nice

One of the major problems with entrepreneurs doing their own social media work is that they are too attached to the business.

Let’s be more specific. For example, there is a restaurant business called Jolly Pancakes owned by Jake. One disgruntled client posted on social media that the pancakes were too airy and it was not filling at all.

There is a chance that Jake would be defensive because he cooked those pancakes with everything he has. As a chef, Jake would also feel like he is an expert on cooking and not the disgruntled client.

What happens then? Jake, still feeling the heat of cooking all day in the kitchen, would react badly to the client. As a result, this client would never go back to Jolly Pancakes. What’s worse, the client could tell their friends and families to never eat at Jolly Pancakes.

The business just lost dozens of clients because of one social media outburst. Since you are not directly involved with the business, you should be nice. You need to be diplomatic and even charming.

In a similar situation, you can say that you are sorry that the client’s food was not to their liking. Perhaps they could go back for more. With Jake’s blessing, you could even throw in a free pancake set in their next visit.

Although, the problem there is that people might fake-complain about their pancake just to get freebies.

The important thing is that you can be nice on social media.

Also, being nice is not just about replying to comments on social media. It’s also about being nice in general.

You could go comment on other people’s posts like congratulating them on achievements and stuff. Comment on the post of people who follow or like your page. Express to them that you know they follow your page.

There are also nice stories or good news that you can share on the feed. When you showcase this strategy, use the Samsung Galaxy 7+ Tab Mockup. This is an amazing mockup because it features an amazing device. This tablet is such a sophisticated product that could only upgrade your campaign.

2. Don’t market too much

It’s just irritating when business accounts are always telling their followers to buy this and that.

Your social media posts should be a hodgepodge of everything that would relate to the business at hand.

Since we are already talking about Jolly Pancake, your posts should center on food and breakfast. If you see stories or blogs about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day—then share that.

Make sure you are sharing current stories and not old ones.

You can get an alert for stories on pancakes, food, breakfast, and other fun food stories so that you could share these with your followers.

If you have original blogs, then you could share that, too. Then of course, you can link everything back to the website to increase traffic.

3. Be engaging

Some of your posts may generate some comments from the netizens. Engage with them. When you engage with them, go back to #1: Be nice.

Being nice can always take you a long way. It’s like a source of marketing.

You see, there might be people who are not aware of Jolly Pancakes. But then they see the name Jolly Pancakes interactive with their friends on Facebook, it would raise their curiosity.

That curiosity could lead to: Let’s have breakfast at Jolly Pancakes!

4. Use scheduling tools

The social media accounts that you manage should be active. There should be posts every day. In fact, you should post more than once a day.

You should have a plan. You can’t just do this every day or you will be overwhelmed. Every day, you have to browse for stories that you could post. Then you have to engage with other people.

The point of the scheduling tool is that there are prepared social media posts that could be published at the scheduled time even if you don’t have the internet at that exact moment.

You should prepare materials a week in advance. This way, you will be browsing for future stories you can share. Therefore, you won’t be too stressed. If you see news that would be too late to post next week, then you could publish that too.

The point is, whether you can find something to post about on that day or not, there will be a post that would appear on followers’ timelines.

That would mean less stress for you. When you showcase it to the entrepreneur, it’s also quite impressive to see posts in advance. That is surely something they don’t have time for.