Web Designer Interview Questions - 2021

A web designer interview is filled with numerous tricky questions. Though do not worry. We have got all the answers to help you land the desired job.

They say you have just 7 seconds to make the first impression. And when it comes to job interviews in website design companies, where competition is cut-throat, you have only one chance to make it count. The sad truth is, with website agencies, you have just one shot. Everything should be flawless from the start to the end.

Sound like a mission impossible? No pressure, whatsoever, because we have got you covered.

Follow our list of the best tips and tricks to create a convincing impression as well as familiarize yourself with the popular web design interview questions (answers are included) to land the desired web designer job.

How to Make a Powerful Impression in Web Design Job Interview: Tips and Tricks

To make a powerful impression in the web design interview, you need to be with your guns loaded. You should look great, exude confidence, and of course, know all the answers to web design interview questions.

Therefore, to successfully get your foot in the door at a web design agency, you need to sweat your guts out beforehand. And we will give you some directions with the best tips and tricks.

  • Carry out detailed research of the company. Define its mission, policy, pros, and cons.
  • Come prepared to discuss your salary expectations. Visit a salary calculator. Based on your experience, industry, and location, it will give you a hint on what to ask for.
  • Underlie the skills that the employer calls for. Even though you are preparing for a web designer position, there can still be some specific requirements.
  • Review projects you have worked on. What were the best and the worst one websites? What did you learn from them? How did you cope with the failure?
  • Review terminology. Be ready to face questions with specific terms.
  • Use the STAR method to nail behavioral web design interviews. STAR stands for Situation Task Action Result. This method helps to create a storytelling structure that is very easy to follow. Use it to shed light on your experience and abilities to solve the problems.
  • Try to be concise and straight to the point. The rule of thumb, you have just 2 minutes for each question.
  • Try to maintain positive body language.
  • Prepare your web designer questions and answers beforehand and practice them by saying out loud. You may even ask a friend to play the role of interviewer.
  • Last but not least, prepare questions for the employer. Show your serious intention to get this job by asking about day-to-day responsibilities, challenges that you are going to face, how your performance will be measured, and how people typically collaborate inside the team, department, and company.

Top Web Designer Interview Questions & Answers

There is no job interview without questions, therefore be ready to face them. Depending on the company, they may vary. Nevertheless, there are still some popular options. Let’s consider them along with the answers and hints.

Question: Why do you want to be a web designer?

Prepare a list of reasons why you are passionate about this job. You can tell a story or just be constructive. Everything works as long as it shows your true love for the occupation.

Question: How do you handle the pressure?

This is one of the top web designer interview questions.

We are living in a high-pressure society where problems occur all the time: the client does not like your work, tight deadline, the developer is unable to realize your idea, etc. Therefore, the ability to handle such situations is crucial for a web designer.

Tell the interviewer what techniques do you use to deal with pressure. Use real-life examples to prove their validity.

Question: What is your working style?

Tell your interviewer not only your web design routine but also how you communicate with others. After all, web designers can’t exist in a vacuum. Every project - whatever small or big - requires well-coordinated work of the entire team. So, are you a team player? Prove this to your potential employer by telling him or her that you are open to revisions and comfortable with adapting. Focus on your collaboration and communication skills

Question: What sources do you follow and read regularly?

As a web designer who shoot for the stars, it is obliged to stay on top of things. Therefore, impress your interviewer with websites that you visit regularly. Do not be afraid to tell the actual names.

Everyone knows that Smashing Magazine is one of the top online magazines for web designers, whereas Ramotion web design agency is a great source of free high-quality assets. Also mention where do you get your dose of website inspiration.

It is vital to make the impression that you follow the trends, use products that meet current requirements and make the most out of pioneering tricks.

Enough of web design questions and answers concerning your persona and experience. It is time to get to the questions and answers that reveal your actual web designer skills.

Question: What programs do you use?

Show your intellectual horizon by listing the most popular tools of the trade, such as Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Illustrator. You may even impress interviewers with your observations. What platforms are handy to use? What are the cons and pros? In the end, focus on one that you prefer the most.

Question: What is CSS and its purpose?

Even though CSS is not a prime concern of a web designer, you should still know about it. Therefore, re-read manuals and documentation.

On top of that, you should also be ready to answer some tricky questions. For example,

Question: Is CSS case sensitive?

CSS is not case sensitive. However, some elements, like font families or direct references, might be case sensitive.

Question: Why should you use CSS float?

Float is used for positioning. It can float images or blocks to the right or left side of the container. It is the primary solution to wrap text around images.

Question: What is Flexbox?

Flexbox is a flexible layout. It is used to position elements and distribute space inside the container. It comes in handy when you need to create a responsive web design.

Question: What is HTML5?

Again, you do not have to know it inside out, since as a web designer, it is not your responsibility. However, still, you should know the basics. Therefore, visit such helpful websites as w3schools or GeekforGeeks, where this topic is thoroughly discussed. Meanwhile

Question: What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the current version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is used to form the structure of the web page.


Preparing for a job interview is a job. You should take it seriously. Therefore, do your homework. Along with popular web design interview questions, find all possible traps. Write down answers and practice them out loud. Keep track of things that are going on in the web design World. And remember, you are the best candidate they may ever have, therefore act like one.