2020 is a year of interactive installations, digitally generated environments, and mind-blowing experiences that take you aback with abstract yet meaningful realizations. Web developers with their development portfolios are one of those who not just capitalize on this mainstream but also push it to infinity and beyond.

Dive into the mind-blowing examples of top web developers’ portfolios to see what solutions win over potential customers and compel them to contact a web developer for collaboration. On other side you can check bad websites compilation.

Though first things first, let’s consider the characteristic traits of modern development portfolios.

The Characteristic Traits of Modern Development Portfolios

Web design agency and developers are famous for their love for everything techy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that every respectful artist has a development portfolio that is rich in high-end features. Among them, you can delineate some popular options, such as

• WebGL-powered centerpieces. As a rule, they capitalize on the beauty of geometry. Spheres, polygons, cubes that are set in motion, and provided with interactive behavior are top choices.
• Clever mouse cursors. Taken mouse cursor to the next level by supplying it with interactivity, trail, hints on the spot, or dynamic behavior is a huge trend that sparkles in development portfolios. It helps to navigate users, provide a quick access to information, and leave a favorable impression.
• Extravagant transitions. You may forget about classic sliding and fading effects. Today is an era of fancy transitions. As a rule, web developers prefer those versions that give their interfaces a subtle sense of third dimension.
• Intricate parallax. A parallax is no longer a tool for bringing background images to life. It is widely used to create depth in the user experience. Artists use the parallax effect not only in the traditional X and Y axis but also in Z-axis, making users delve into the story literally.

Along with these, top web designers and developers prefer to use dark coloring, noisy textures, and glitch effects to recreate a digital environment where all the listed above solutions perfectly co-exist together and reveal their inner magnetism.

Collection of Mind-Blowing Web Developer Portfolio Examples

Our collection of mind-blowing development portfolios includes examples provided by the top web developers. Some of them represent individuals who still work in web development companies, while others are standalone artists who successfully sail alone.

Personal Portfolio of Thibaut Foussard

Thibaut Foussard is one of the top web developers in France. His portfolio is a perfect source of a much-needed website inspiration. It is a symbiosis of modest creativity and high-end techniques.

Thibaut has embraced the minimalistic approach. There are just a homepage and two inner pages. However, that is all you need to provide all the necessary contact and personal information.

There are several things to note.

• Mind-blowing WebGL-powered hero area that brings about a strong first impression.
• An overall interactive experience that keeps users engaged.
• Mouse extravaganza that emphasizes a visual path.
• A dark environment with a sophisticated flair that sets in the project an intriguing atmosphere.

Minimal yet brilliant.

Thibaut Foussard portfolio

Personal Portfolio of Bruno Tomé

Bruno Tome has an even more compact development portfolio than Thibaut. In a nutshell, it is just a list of works done. However, combining his creativity and skills, he was managed to transform it into a true masterpiece that leaves in mind a distinctive imprint.

He has introduced to the crowd a modern trend of interactive typography. Using mouse interactions and various stylistic options, he has turned the landing page into a playground with unique user experience. Clever.

Bruno Tome portfolio

Personal Portfolio of Björn Wieland

Bjorn Wieland is in a list of top web developers because his Scandinavian charisma is a thing to marvel at.

He has a development portfolio that cuts through all the competition thanks to several things.

• First, the website is populated with modern solutions: vertical lettering, perimeter navigation, interactive mouse cursor, and some others. Thanks to light environment, linear layout, and skillful play with whitespace, all these trendy details perfectly complement each other, thereby creating a comfortable, user-friendly environment.
• Second, all elements are in sync. The refined line style ties everything together.
• Finally, yet importantly, there is an intricate self-portrait on the hero area. It establishes a personal connection and adds a human touch making digital environment warmer than usual.

Bjorn Wieland Portfolio

Development Website of Mariah Weathersby

How about a girl’s power in our collection? Even though website agencies are considered to be a place where male population rules the roost, still there are some Supergirls who break this stereotype

Mariah Weathersby is one of them. She is a talented multidisciplinary web developer with a passion for new solutions. Her development portfolio is a mixture of creativity, technical skills, playful nature, and incredible charisma. Play her game to emerge yourself into her World and see for yourself the talent of an artist.

Mariah Weathersby Portfolio

Personal Portfolio of Konner Bouchard

In our list of top web developers, Konner Bouchard occupies a special place. The deal is he has a design that speaks to the eyes.

The hero area in his development website boasts of a meaningful interactive installation. Some will see here the beauty of parallel universes, while others may see two poles of one World. Though one thing is for sure, it oozes powerful digital vibes on all fronts that represent the artist’s creativity and technical skills in the best light.

Konner Bouchard Portfolio

Personal portfolio of Rogier de Boevé

Rogier de Boevé is another unique web developer in our collection of inspiring development portfolios. He was managed to balance between being a developer and a visual artist. Therefore, in his portfolio, these two disciplines are working together in perfect equilibrium.

The homepage meets the audience with an impressive centerpiece pulled by WebGL. The dark environment stands behind the beauty and overall impression. You can see line-style navigation, vertical elements, lots of geometric details, noise effect, fancy transitions, and some other popular high-end features.

Rogier de Boevé Portfolio

Personal portfolio of André Venâncio

At first glance, the personal portfolio of André Venâncio is oversimplified and insipid. The deal is the homepage includes nothing more than just a boring grid-based gallery. However, it is much more than hits an eye. The layout is fully interactive. Move your cursor to see it in action.

Andre has skillfully reimagined annoying things with the help of modern solutions. As a result, the landing page advocates not only the developer’s skills but also the creativity and wit of an artist.

André Venâncio Portfolio


Although the development portfolios use various approaches to expose the web developers to the World, still there is one thing in common. They do not rely on traditional designer’s mediums such as illustrations, icons, graphics, or alike. They get the most out of techy solutions that let them recreate a digital environment - a unique platform where creativity and technical skills are praised.

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